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This campaign isn’t mine. It’s ours. Let’s stand up together for Illinois.

About MeWhy I’m Running

I’m running to serve you, all of you. This is the way our government is supposed to work — though that might seem radically different from the way it has worked in Illinois. If social justice, integrity and inclusion are radical notions, then I am ready to be a radical leader for Illinois.

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  • [email protected] is a model of the good that can start in Illinois, and change the world. https://t.co/Eag807u6uW
    10 hours ago
  • It’s always fun to be joined on the trail by family, especially on such a special weekend. Very few people have ben… https://t.co/HolXe2b6ja
    19 hours ago
  • I took part in a forum today hosted by the @CRSchicago. When the topic of gun violence came up, Republican candidat… https://t.co/KhTfJTKRce
    1 day ago
  • Dr. King spoke out against the status quo and gave his life for the cause of equality, along with many others, incl… https://t.co/exyGxsAWK9
    1 day ago
  • It was great to have my sister Kathleen Kennedy Townsend travel the state this weekend. Her public service record i… https://t.co/tOhJcNqB4P
    2 days ago
  • It was great to see Wallace Effort and have the support of Three Chef's Restaurant. #twill https://t.co/uVuPFRHnBP
    2 days ago
  • Thanks to @DrWillieWilson for his support of our campaign, as well as his commitment to the next generation of lead… https://t.co/Q5PSEZa1Dc
    2 days ago
  • [email protected] has been rewarded all his life for telling lies. @DickDurbin has the moral courage to tell the tr… https://t.co/zXx5W9HueP
    2 days ago
  • The Civil Rights movement is not a thing of the past, it’s very much present today. We can all can learn from the m… https://t.co/LfqeSRHHcK
    2 days ago
  • We have an opportunity to turn the page on the failed politics of the past and restore opportunity to our state. We… https://t.co/Pznx3Yqb3a
    2 days ago