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This campaign isn’t mine. It’s ours. Let’s stand up together for Illinois.

About MeWhy I’m Running

I’m running to serve you, all of you. This is the way our government is supposed to work — though that might seem radically different from the way it has worked in Illinois. If social justice, integrity and inclusion are radical notions, then I am ready to be a radical leader for Illinois.

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  • If you haven’t yet RSVP’d, make sure you do tonight! https://t.co/J5xl8wcAPI https://t.co/dcx2QAT9YK
    6 hours ago
  • “A billionaire bully is a billionaire bully regardless of whether he lives in Springfield, or in a mansion on Astor… https://t.co/OpJAfxMsYu
    6 hours ago
  • Tune in to the debate live stream now! https://t.co/ac2eNhs1Lq
    7 hours ago
  • Community engagement that will influence and drive equitable policy to ensure a fair and bold future for Illinois.… https://t.co/5oxS3JwsDi
    8 hours ago
  • This afternoon, @WCIA3 cancelled their debate. Somewhere in this state, hiding behind $30 million in TV ads,… https://t.co/nHBb5wiQ7O
    9 hours ago
  • Today we celebrate the public servants who served our nation as President, including my uncle John F. Kennedy.… https://t.co/gWXL1ob0WI
    10 hours ago
  • I’m running for governor because I’ve seen the potential of this state, and I’ve seen the failings of our governmen… https://t.co/yzTwUNJOdy
    12 hours ago
  • This weekend, @JBPritzker gave his campaign another $7 million, bringing his spending total to $56 million for this… https://t.co/NNr8QKDymJ
    13 hours ago
  • Tomorrow will be a historic day. RSVP now, space is limited. https://t.co/J5xl8wcAPI https://t.co/dcx2QAT9YK
    13 hours ago
  • Transparent engagement with constituents. #StandwithKennedy https://t.co/oR4jwFQ47v https://t.co/wUoZzZw7T1
    1 day ago