Thanks for the support

Thanks for the support

I’ve been humbled by the outpouring of encouragement I’ve received from Illinoisans over the past few months, urging me to run for governor.

We have a tough task ahead: taking on a billionaire governor and then tackling the mess he has created in our state. But thanks to your support, I know that together, we have what it takes to win this race and renew the promise of our state.

Read the comments I’ve received from Illinoisans over the past few months, then sign up to share your own reasons for joining our campaign.

I so enjoyed my time with Top Box Foods and really respect your dedication to Chicago, and it would be an honor to serve on your campaign.

Hanah B.

I hope you will become IL’s next governor. Our state needs a progressive leader who will stand up to bullies while finding common ground to get work done. What is the world coming to? It’s pretty horrifying.

Margie D.

Please run for Governor!

Timothy W.

Please run for Governor, Chris! Your talents, empathy and vision for our state are sorely needed!

Charles K.

Please run.

Glenda M.

Yes, [please run]. We need you.

Gloria W.

Please, please, please run for governor! And Rahm, please keep Chicago a sanctuary city!

Jennifer C.

I hope you love Illinois, that you run for governor. We need your help.

Arnette A.


Marie P.

PLEASE run for Governor! We need help.

Denise A.

There will always be a ripple of hope. Run for office, Chris #bravery

Patrick S.

I know it’s not an easy decision to make, but I am fundamentally convinced that you are the candidate our state desperately needs. Not only would you make a great governor, but you’re the only one with the passion, temperament and ability to bridge divides that can reverse our downward trajectory. Your election would be a powerful rebuttal to everything that is also happening in our nation’s capital.

Brian B.

I was abroad over the weekend, and it was a reminder how passionate politics gets. If you run for governor, I want to be highly involved and put my resources to work for you.

Larry O.

I encourage you to seek state political office. It is my belief that you are part of the cure that will make America whole again.

Michael C.

Somebody has to clean up this mess in Illinois! If you think you have the moxie to pull it off, please PLEASE do whatever it takes.

Ruth Z.

Very proud of you for speaking up about Bruce Rauner and how pathetic he has done as a governor. Why can’t a “recall” be started on him? We need you to run for governor against “Ruiner.”

Dominique W.

If you decide to run for Governor, which I hope you do, I would be happy to be of help.

Ruby S.

Please run for Governor!

Edna L.

If you become a candidate for governor 2018, I would love to work on your campaign.

Paulette F.

Please let me know if you are considering running for Governor of Illinois and if I can assist you in any way. I am a huge supporter of yours. We need good decent individuals with a strong moral compass in our state government. I feel that we do not have enough advocates for equal treatment.

Pamela B.

Just read the article about the possibility of you running for governor. Please please do. I’ve felt you would be a great candidate for many years now.

Zubair G.

I’d be honored to donate my time and money to your organization if you should decide to seek office in Illinois in 2018. Now more than ever, we need more people like you in public office.

Matthew W.

I’m a member an organization committed to progressive ideology. We’re preparing to fight back against the Trump administration’s attempt to beat back the gains created President Obama. I am encouraging you to seriously contemplate running for Governor of Illinois in 2018. Governor Rauner has been a disaster, for public schools, unions, and Illinois as a whole. We need a strong Democratic candidate to challenge and defeat him, so I sincerely hope you will throw your hat in the ring.

Bradford S.

I have heard rumblings that you may run for Governor of Illinois. This has greatly energized me because I have much admiration and respect for you. I know how these things work – it’s all about timing – but I wanted to touch base with you at the very beginning of the process to offer my assistance in any way. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get you elected, should you get into the race.

Blake D.

Recently, I read several reports that you are mulling the possibility of a gubernatorial run. Given your truly admirable background and extensive experience, I hope that you strongly consider doing so.

Miles H.

I hope you run for governor. Is there anything I can do to help you? I really want to see you run and win.

Drew P.

I would be happy to assist with campaign research or outreach, if you need help with anything!

Stephanie M.

Chris, please run for governor. Our kids need good examples of leadership and kindness.

Beth D.

Should you decide to run for Governor of Illinois I would apply to work for your campaign.

Tom L.

I understand you are contemplating a run for governor. I am very interested in being part of your campaign.

David R.

Just a quick note to say I’m pleased to see you active in the press (and I’m sure behind the scenes) in trying to keep our state from falling into collapse. Should the media rumors of running for governor come to pass, I hope you will call on me for a role voluntary or staff to assist in making that happen. We need someone like you fighting for Illinois.

Renee M.

Keep living “the ideals of humanity and love” (the words of your father). You’ll be a great governor for Illinois.

Charlie K.

I have been saying that you should be Governor since 1999! Go for it Chris!

Jerry B.

Read the good news – hope you run for Governor. Consider me on your “team.”

David G.

Chris, I think you would be an excellent candidate for Illinois governor! Please give this serious consideration.

Harold M.