Happy Birthday, Illinois

Today is Illinois’ birthday, and one year from today, we will celebrate our state’s 200th birthday. Like many of you, a day like today reminds me of how much I love our state. I consider Illinois to be one of the greatest meritocracies in America. It is a place where what you do with your life is more important than […]

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Maine’s Medicaid Expansion: a Lesson in Direct Democracy

This past week, on election day, the voters of Maine overwhelmingly decided to expand Medicaid to cover another 70,000 low-income people. Voters approved the ballot measure by a nearly 20-point margin, despite the state’s Republican governor vetoing multiple bipartisan attempts by the legislature to expand the program. This is what direct democracy looks like and this is why it is […]

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This is what the “insider” game looks like

I need to bring something to your attention because it represents the state of our politics today, it’s indicative of the political system we have here in Illinois, and it’s personal. This week, the President of the Illinois AFL-CIO bullied a senior advisor to my campaign. He insulted my campaign and he used her as a pawn for his criticism. […]

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Rauner’s Backroom Deal to Damage Our Environment

A Chicago Tribune article revealed today that Governor Rauner is trying to sell out our state’s environmental future to a coal company. According to the Tribune, if a state rule-making panel approves proposed changes to environmental standards later this month, the new limit on sulfur dioxide would “nearly double” what the coal company Dynegy’s emitted into our environment last year, […]

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Chris Kennedy Statement on Trump and Rauner’s NFL Remarks

Bruce Rauner, who sits silent on countless issues impacting women, people of color and students, denounced the American right to peaceful protest because it’s in line with his agenda to single out the issue of race, to divide us, and amplify it. Racism is the organizing principle around which the alt-right and the new Republican Party has unfortunately been built. […]

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