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Chris Kennedy’s Campaign Fact Checks JB Pritzker

Today, JB Pritzker failed to answer issue-based questions from the Crain’s Chicago Business editorial board. Instead, he said lie after lie to deflect from the downward spiral of his campaign. It’s too bad that we already have to call out Bruce Rauner and Donald Trump for their lies, but if we have to do it for JB Pritzker, so be […]

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Kennedy-Joy Releases Statewide Education Plan

CHICAGO — Access to quality education is crucial for students across Illinois. Chris Kennedy, Democratic candidate for governor, and his running mate, Ra Joy, released their education plan today to ensure that each child has an equal chance to succeed. “Public education is a tenant of the American Dream,” Kennedy said. “It is a promise that every child, regardless of […]

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Chris Kennedy and Ra Joy Statements on JB Pritzker’s Remarks About the African-American Community

Ra Joy: “To hear JB Pritzker say the words ‘least offensive’ to describe black men in America, black elected officials from Illinois, is beyond offensive. We are more than a ‘thing.’ We are leaders, we are voters, we are parents, we are sons and daughters, we are neighbors, and we are trying to overcome generations of racism. Structural inequities make […]

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Chris Kennedy Statement on Bruce Rauner’s State of the State Address

When Governor Blagejovich last addressed the Illinois General Assembly the nation laughed at us. Now when Governor Rauner addresses them, they weep with us. We need radical change in our state and it starts with ending a system where both parties fail us. Illinois should be a national leader, not a national laughing stock. Governor Rauner gave his fourth State […]

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Chris Kennedy Statement on Planned Parenthood of Illinois Endorsement

I am honored to receive Planned Parenthood of Illinois’ endorsement today. I have pledged to be a feminist governor​ and as part of that pledge, ​I am committed to making Illinois a better, safer state for women. ​Planned Parenthood of Illinois is on the front lines of this battle and they need our support to do the important work of […]

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