Press Releases

Response to Budget Address

Chris Kennedy released the following statement today in response to Bruce Rauner’s budget address: Today, we heard more of the same failed policies from Governor Bruce Rauner in his joint budget address to the General Assembly: slashing the social safety net, failing to adequately invest in public education, attacking workers and teachers for the pensions they have earned through a […]

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Chris Kennedy and Ra Joy Statement on Thompson Center Shooting

Today’s shooting is a reminder that no place and no one is safe from gun violence. We mourn for the family of Commander Paul Bauer and for all of the members of the Chicago Police Department who lost their colleague and their friend today. We are saddened that we continue to add families to the circle of people who have […]

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Chris Kennedy Statement on Sexual Harassment Allegations in Speaker Madigan’s Political Operation

Alaina Hampton has given voice to the blatant, suffocating harassment that so many women experience. The allegations she made today are very serious and must be fully investigated by the appropriate authorities. This harassment she experienced prevented her from working freely and achieving equality, and the fact that people in positions of power alledgely knew about it and only took […]

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Chris Kennedy’s Campaign Fact Checks JB Pritzker

Today, JB Pritzker failed to answer issue-based questions from the Crain’s Chicago Business editorial board. Instead, he said lie after lie to deflect from the downward spiral of his campaign. It’s too bad that we already have to call out Bruce Rauner and Donald Trump for their lies, but if we have to do it for JB Pritzker, so be […]

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Kennedy-Joy Releases Statewide Education Plan

CHICAGO — Access to quality education is crucial for students across Illinois. Chris Kennedy, Democratic candidate for governor, and his running mate, Ra Joy, released their education plan today to ensure that each child has an equal chance to succeed. “Public education is a tenant of the American Dream,” Kennedy said. “It is a promise that every child, regardless of […]

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