Chris Kennedy recognizes that sustainability promotes economic growth. Sustainability in Illinois will not only help our environment, it will also attract more businesses to relocate here and cut costs for state government and for companies. When companies expand to Illinois or within our state, they want to know that they will find clean water and fresh air. As governor, Chris would work with public and private stakeholders to establish a long-term sustainability plan for our state.

If Illinois does not act as a leader in protecting the environment and pursuing clean energy policy, we will damage our competitiveness, and ultimately we will have to follow the lead of other states. A diverse group of stakeholders, including our coal companies, know Illinois needs to be a leader in sustainability. He will hold Illinois accountable for fulfilling the promises in the Future Energy Jobs Act, and he will work with a coalition of labor, advocates, and political leaders to upgrade our infrastructure.

Across the entire sustainability field, one of the best ways to improve our environment and the clean energy sector is to protect and invest in our research institutions. Chris believes that science, research, and the future of energy storage will offer us a direct path to fostering more robust, sustainable solutions. He will be a leader in advocating to protect federal funding for our research labs, like Argonne and Fermi, while also working to create robust research operations in our university system that can assist us in planning for a better, more sustainable future in Illinois.