Gun Violence

As someone who comes from a family that has been deeply impacted by gun violence, Chris Kennedy is committed to addressing the challenge of violence in our state. Chris believes we need to combat violence in three key ways: addressing violence as a public health issue by providing trauma treatment and mental health services; curbing illegal gun access; and revitalizing schools and communities afflicted by gun violence.

Chris has called for an eight-point plan to combat gun violence in Illinois. Chris will reinvest in high-risk communities and strengthen oversight of illegal gun access and unlawful gun use by licensing gun dealers, cracking down on “gun trains” and creating a gun tracing program, among other measures. He will divert at-risk youth away from violence through support for community-based diversion programs; fund and expand proven programs and techniques that reduce violence; and expand trauma and mental health care in communities and for individuals impacted by violence. He will further support a full return to community policing with a concentrated effort to recruit future candidates from the communities officers intend to serve; and pursue criminal justice reform that supports perpetrators in becoming productive citizens.