Health Care

Chris Kennedy believes Illinois should expand health care while working to drive down healthcare costs for everyone. To guarantee everyone health care, Chris believes the United States should proactively move toward a single-payer system and he wants Illinois to help by proactively leading the effort.

To move our state toward universal health care, Chris will seek a federal waiver that allows uninsured residents the ability to buy into our Medicaid program while also working to create a true state-level public option that can help drive down costs in our health care marketplace. For those who are uninsured, the public option would be a state-provided, state-backed plan that would offer the coverage families need at a competitive price. He would also allow employers to transfer insurance costs to this option in order to work around dominant insurance agencies and accelerate the option’s expansion. Establishing a public option will force private insurers to compete on price and quality in our healthcare marketplace.

Chris will work to lower healthcare costs for everyone by increasing competition through consumer choice; stamping out waste, fraud and abuse; reducing pharmaceutical costs through a shift to more generic drugs; and by better managing hospital costs.

Working out the details of coverage and pricing will be complex, will take time, and will require the full resources of various state departments, but a better health care system is something we should pursue to benefit all people in Illinois.