Chris Kennedy believes immigrants play a vital role in shaping every aspect of our economic sustainability and continued growth. They teach us not to be afraid of what’s new and what’s different but instead to embrace change and new ideas. As governor, Chris would ensure Illinois operates as a sanctuary state.

Chris’s grandma, Rose Kennedy, taught him at an early age lessons about prejudice in Boston and the hardships that Irish Catholics suffered. They were characterized as lazy, unteachable and a burden on society. She described the signs that were hung above the back service doors of restaurants and bars, placed there overhead by the owners that read N-I-N-A – No Irish Need Apply. She knew prejudice, and she made sure in her conversations with her children and her grandchildren, over years and over decades, that prejudice would never come from within her family.

Chris recognizes that immigration is largely a federal issue, but he believes that governors can affect the outcome of every congressional race in the state. To protect our undocumented residents here in Illinois, Chris would uphold the Trust Act and resist any effort by the federal government to pursue forceful and organized deportation. At the same time, he would use his leadership role as governor to convince the congressional delegation to support comprehensive immigration reform, and unlike Governor Rauner, Chris will support the multi-state lawsuit to protect the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) that was established under President Obama.