Tax Fairness

Chris Kennedy supports a progressive income tax because he believes that the wealthy need to pay their fair share. Illinois has one of the most unfair and unequal tax systems in the country, particularly when it comes to property taxes. Our unfair tax system hits low-income and middle-class residents the hardest. Illinois continues to see cost of living rise, including a sugary drink tax recently adopted in Cook County, an increase in our flat income tax across the board, and rising property taxes that are becoming unmanageable. Property taxes are especially concerning in Cook County where our elected officials refuse to move away from a broken system that we know discriminates against the poor, minorities, and middle class residents. Similar inequities likely exist in other property tax systems across our state.

Chris will drive down local property taxes by increasing state funding for public education while also instituting a ban on elected officials being allowed to serve as property tax appeals lawyers so as to restore integrity in the relationship between our government and our property tax system. He will call for a transparent process and significant overhaul of any property tax systems in our state that proves to discriminate against certain communities.