Why I’m Running

I’m running to serve you, all of you. This is the way our government is supposed to work —
though that might seem radically different from the way it has worked in Illinois. If social justice, integrity and inclusion are radical notions, then I am ready to be a radical leader for Illinois.

I know how the economy works. I’ve led it.
And I know who’s been left behind. I’ve served them.

I’m running to serve all of Illinois. Those who have been left behind.
And those who know we can do better together.

I’m running to make Illinois a place where we’re proud to be from, a place where all our kids can get up and go after their dreams.

I know we can do it.

This is Illinois. The Land of Lincoln.
The land we’ve worked, with calluses on our hands and hope in hearts.

We don’t give up, we change the direction of rivers.
We don’t make little plans, we make plans that stir men’s blood.

This is Illinois. We work.

I’m not asking you for your vote to put me in office.
I’m asking you for your vote to stand up for Illinois with me — big shoulder to big shoulder.

This campaign isn’t mine. It’s ours.
Let’s stand up together for Illinois.